EyA for home, helping you to take control of everything

The solution for you to control your belongings, life and privacy, whilst being able to benefit from powerful apps and mobile solutions.

What is EyA?

Think of your private safe containing everything you want it to. Your goods, washing machine, vehicle, private records or medical records.

Information for your convenience

Imagine your vehicles entire service history at your fingertips, or receiving a product recall alert for your microwave, baby food or tumble dryer.

Making selling a breeze

Selling a product like a vehicle can be a daunting process, but with the simplicity of allowing a person temporary, limited access to your vehicle data, no matter whether local or remote, means they can see the entire history, whilst keeping your privacy and avoiding tyre kickers.

Controlling your privacy

Know exactly what an app can see of your information and control the level of access with an easy to use web app within My Assets. Finally, you can force apps, companies and people to “Forget Me” with a touch of a button.

Apps for everything

Companies are fast creating apps for literally anything and everything, enabling you to download apps to your phone, desktop and tablet. Super-fast, integrated apps for all types of requirements, from shopping, to spotting counterfeit products and selling securely.

Ready to supercharge your life?