Integrate with EyA and open
your business to a new world

Connect your applications, manufacturing, supply chain; in
fact, everything to EyA and empower your clients

Develop templates to map every component or constituent part of any product with our easy to use template builder wizard
Map anything in the world with rich data types from numbers to large video files or CAD / VR models, which breathe life into your products and services

From cradle to grave, your entire product range, whether physical, digital, organic or subatomic, now carries its entire lifecycle through immutable hybrid blockchain

Trusted by global brands, organisations and businesses,
both big and small

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Templating everything, mapping the world of assets

Learn how we have developed the most powerful schema based templating solution in the world, and how to empower your business.

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Unleashing the sheer power of our partner network

EyA being a natural partner driven solution is working directly with your supply chain to ease migration for you

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Regulation and reporting of lifecycle and supply chain

With natural immutable and powerful solutions, regulatory requirements and reporting are simplified and integration is easy

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Recalling a product is now as simple as pressing a button

With all products containing unique identifiers, an entire batch of goods can be recalled in seconds, and focused

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