Empower the world of everything by bringing your ideas to life with EyA.

Learn, develop, sell and thrive within our partner community, helping to realise your ideas, whether it be software, hardware, consulting or supporting your clients.

EyA has one goal for you, your success!

Partnering with EyA will unleash a whole network of people, resources and new relationships with like minded people and businesses. Here are just a few reasons you should partner with us now.

Develop global changing applications

With a rich ecosystem of developers, code examples and helpful API documentation, you can bring your world changing ideas to life, without ever having to recreate the underlying architecture which is EyA. Embracing our technology through our free developer tiers and API usage is the first step to your success.

Don’t start from scratch, but instead use our free bootstrap codebases to kick start your project from a powerful stance. Collaboration is simple with our rich community of like-minded people and EyA technologists waiting to help and inspire.

Supercharge production equipment
for your client base

With EyA fast becoming the standard within many sectors, your clients are your goal to success. Now you can embrace EyA, connecting manufacturing systems, IT infrastructure and current applications to drive revenue through the new age of IOT.

With just a few lines of code, your equipment, whether it be a label printer, or production line marking systems including CO2 lasers can create assets live and mark a product at the very start of its life with unique identifications. Connecting the dots of product lifecycle and family tree is now simple, cost effective and removes the burden from your company.

Drive sales with a dedicated support team

Whether acting as a consultant, or reseller, your client base is ready for our unique partnership. EyA’s acceleration programme is setup to help you and your team, no matter the size to increase your revenue and provide many ways of creating new revenue streams.

With a plethora of media and training resources, you can gain the knowledge and collateral to drive forward and start your path to success. Our network of partners are important to us and we strive to collaborate and also connect partners together to collaborate and help each other achieve their goals.

Certifications to increase your power

We believe in reward at EyA and reward we will. Our certification programme is designed to provide you and your team with gratification for your increasing knowledge. Our certifications lead to increased support, higher revenue reward and the ultimate goal of becoming a platinum partner of EyA.

Companies or individuals are all welcome to learn and increase their knowledge, whilst sitting exams to achieve certification and the merit of being a certified member of our family. We also believe strongly in collaboration and support, directing new and current members to the rich communities on EyA.org.

Let’s Get Going

Joining the EyA partner network is the start to a unique and amazing future. Work together, grow together and succeed together with rich resources, people, teams and businesses. You are our future and we are ready to work together… Now

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