Original Equipment Manufacturers, delivering the future of connected automation

By connecting your equipment to EyA, your company can be ahead of the IoT curve and empower the next generation of automation

Enhance your equipment, drive enablement, lead the future

OEM partner companies gain access to rich sources of information, tools to help develop connectivity and online CRM to engage and succeed with your clients

Use our API guides, case studies and guided assistance to develop your products

When you register as an OEM partner, you gain immediate access to help you develop your products for the next generation of automated equipment and tools to help embrace the Internet of Things. Whether you have a marking laser, router, packaging system or any other automation solution, you can engage with EyA services to increase functionality of your products and deliver the next generation of equipment to your clients, along with driving new client uptake.

Connect with our experts and a growing community of like-minded OEM’s and ISV’s

You are not alone in your new journey of connect automation. Our teams of experts are waiting to help you and guide during your product development, along with regular open forums, webinars and community hosted meetups.

To help you embrace and develop with connected assets and template technologies, we have and continue to develop the most powerful semantics based templating technology in the world. Utilise this and build your own templates, or connect to templates which your client use to prepare for embedding your solutions into EyA cloud.

Prepare, tune and engage with your new client base through our partner locator tools

Use guidelines to increase the power of your company profile and once ready, go public in our partner locator, delivering new clients to your business from our global websites and communities. As you tune your profile to your targeted skills and business sectors, your profile becomes a powerful public facing sales pipeline generator. And of course, you can glean sales and technical support from our technologists to assist your journey from the very start.

Free access to our partner CRM solution helps you to manage your sales and projects

When registering as an OEM partner, you are not only provided with development tools and example code, but you also gain access to a free CRM solution, which you can open access to your employees and even integrate into your own platforms. From here you can manage your sale pipelines, create campaigns, gain access to sales development resources and engage with other partners.

Customer engagement is easy, tracking the whole process from initial contact, through to sale and rollout. And to give you a helping hand, we drive potential sales from our partner locator, direct to your portal.

With employee training and certification your company increases levels, providing more sales

We are passionate about our partners success and provide a number of learning resources, community hosted events and recorded webinars. Exams can be taken by you and your employees to increase your company’s profile and climb the ladder to platinum partner status. With each increase in status, your company can gain further resources and direct access to technical sales staff of EyA to assist you in completing your sales. Resellers gain higher revenue per sale when sitting at the higher tier statuses too.

Let’s Get Going

Joining the EyA partner network is the start to a unique and amazing future. Work together, grow together and succeed together with rich resources, people, teams and businesses. You are our future and we are ready to work together… Now

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