About EyA

Creating the future

of centralised / decentralised everything,

harnessing the power of data

Who we are

EyA is the brainchild and product of Universal Asset Sciences, initiated in the UK and developing globally. Built initially from a small team of software architects and industry leaders, EyA has grown since 2017 into a vast team of experts from many verticals including life sciences, healthcare, automotive, banking and finance, humanitarian, regulatory, data science, construction sector and industrial automation.

We are growing fast and including more advisors from literally every sector on our planet and always welcome more to our crowd.

What we do

We are crafting that which we consider to be the world's first and probably most powerful stack of technologies underpinned with distributed ledgers (DLT) to accelerate business, unify data across boundaries and cross pollinate the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. To put it simply, we are building the future of everything from simple data storage, through to the entire lifecycle of everything from sub atomic particles, through to vast metropolises and even ourselves as human beings.

Our Vision

To enhance our world, lifeforms, businesses through a completely open framework which we will continue to develop to empower the future of everything. Welcome to our future, welcome to EyA, working to Growing a Better Universe Together

Join the DLT Revolution

Our global technology is becoming more disparate by the day and technology debt is higher than ever before. As we are in the epicentre of the technological avalanche, now is the time for us all to act and embrace technology which will drive our planet forward. Whether you are wanting to partner, use or even join us, contact us and join the DLT revolution today.

Join the DLT Revolution

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