Our agnostic platform allows any system to communicate with any other, thereby allowing multiple-system communication across industries without new software integration

Transacting parties are connected seamlessly by plugging their current enterprise software systems (ESS) into the EyA ecosystem, linked via APIs

APIs (application programming interfaces) are third-party connectors to other digital systems, used for transactions facilitated by EyA

Notifications relating to such transactions will be received via customers’ existing ESS — or via bespoke developed apps, where required

Digital Twins

  • Customers’ existing ESS will be used to capture data relating to “digital twins” of assets that they are contracting and managing

  • They can track both assets and sub-assets

  • Data relating to digital twins will be stored at each node (i.e. distributed storage) of the parties involved in a transaction

  • Historic data upload and analysis on digital twins, using AI (artificial intelligence) or other method, will be facilitated by EyA federated analysis across each node where distributed data is stored (i.e there is no single repository, and therefore no single point of attack for any would-be intruder)

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