Tirath Virdee

Advisor - Data Democratisation

& Artificial Intelligence

About Tirath Virdee

Dr Tirath Virdee is the Founder and Director of a number of companies and startups and his interest spans many verticals including financial technology. These include Sensory Intelligence Limited, Neura Technologies Limited, Data Alchemy Limited, Xenesis Limited and DRE Digital. He is also the CTO at Data for Good Limited.

He is involved in researching, applying and writing about AI, blockchain, quantum computing and cybersecurity. His primary current interest is in intelligent data, virtualisation, and the environmental adaptation of intelligence. He had been an advisor to a number of national and governmental bodies as well as commercial enterprises on issues related to data, sustainability and issues related to extracting business value from data as well as the application and implication of AI-human hybrids.

He is a permanent member  of the UK All-Party Parliamentary  Groups  on AI and Blockchain  and was an advisor  to the  Scottish  government  on AI  strategy.  He was  Director of Artificial Intelligence at Capita, the Director of Advanced Technology Group at Siemens AG, a senior scientist at Oxford's Numerical Algorithms Group, a physicist in the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Breeder Reactor Programme, and has a PhD in Engineering Mathematics, a MSc in Radiation and Immunology, and a first degree in Physics.

Tirath is the author of "Data Alchemy: The Genesis of Business Value" and a major contributor to the reference work for the legal profession - "AI: Law and Regulation". He is also an advisor to a number of VCs.

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