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Globally, the market for counterfeit goods is estimated at $1.8 trillion and growing at 15% a year . The EU imports some 85 billion euros (about 5% of all imports) of fake products each year, costing 800,000 jobs . 39% of EU GDP and 26% of employment come from IP intensive industries, which are most attractive to the fakers. 14.3bn EUR of annual tax revenues are lost to forgeries in the EU.

In the UK the public spend £17bn a year on fake goods costing 72,000 jobs . Food fraud costs families £1.17bn a year alone.

Anti Counterfeit Technologies - Developed on EyA Enterprise

Many businesses with supply chain and production lines are aware of the huge costs when implementing new solutions, sometimes having to replace current infrastructure completely. ACT are supporting current GS1 Application Identifiers and their associated Data Matrix, serialised barcodes, RfID and QR codes with the consumer Fakebuster app supporting out of the box.

In fact, integration is as simple to support your current processes as adding a small amount of code to connect your infrastructure to our API’s. We also have a fleet of expert partners, ranging from consultants, though original equipment manufacturers to independent software vendors, who are ready to work with you to integrate with ACT and take control of your supply chain and assets through Every Asset. By integrating with ACT, you are able to join a vast ecosystem of business boosting applications and solutions.

In the world of counterfeit, the only option to halt the counterfeits is to make it unviable to produce them. 

The heart of ACT is an engine so powerful, that detection of fakes is just microseconds away. Taking into account all current technologies used within the cyber security world, ACT is developing one of the most powerful detection solutions ever witnessed.

The solution is simple, and a familiar one. The beauty of the anti counterfeit solution is that, rather than trying to redesign the wheel, it takes an existing process and redesigns it for the 21st century.

The key to resolving counterfeiting is to tackle it at source. A solution combines two things: clear asset identities and an immutable chain of ownership from manufacture to end user. The only way counterfeit goods can enter the system is to either duplicate an identity or break the chain of ownership.

  • Templated Assets – map assets with unlimited scope and flexibility

  • Limitless Identifications – from biomarkers to RfID and intelligent substrates

  • Immutable Chains – securing the asset throughout its life cycle

The anti counterfeit solution makes this same process economical for a much broader range of assets, including low value items. The ACT solution creates virtual identities at the birth of a product leveraging Every Asset and links that identity to the product through any tagging technology. The blockchain architecture of Every Asset creates an immutable chain of ownership, securing the Asset throughout its life cycle.

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