EyA Incubator Launches new Portal


On Friday 10th December at 17:30, EyA Incubator, another Universal Assets Sciences Ltd. company launched their portal to help further in the acceleration of incubating companies within its portfolio.

In early 2021 Universal Asset Sciences, the owner of EyA launched EyA Incubator to provide key support, advice and services to startups developing on our platform. Our entire ecosystem has been opened up already to a number of startups and even those who are traversing their current technology to our stack.

We believe that there are many amazing ideas waiting to be driven through to success and in order to fulfil, we are growing our internal team and also external mentors to help the whole way through from concept to mature product. It is our belief that a strong partnership is key to the success of both our partners and EyA as a whole.

From the EyA Incubator Portal -

At EyA Incubator, we know that the most exciting and innovative opportunities are pursued by new companies and brave entrepreneurs. Being focussed and nimble, start-up take on incumbents, apply new technology fast and don’t face the classic cannibalisation challenges their legacy peers have.  EyA Incubator is committed to support these early stage companies to be successful and we believe that every application built on the EyA platform – no matter the size or stage – deserves a trusted and supportive partner invested in their success and longevity.  EyA's Incubator programme is the gateway into the EyA ecosystem for pre-series A companies building on EyA. We help you to validate your business and product market fit faster.  Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Community events and workshop

  • Mentorship from industry leaders

  • Access to potential customers and investors

  • Partnerships with high quality incubators and accelerators

  • Great discounts, deals and perks in our resources lounge

If your company is ready to accelerate your solution on the EyA platform, simply visit https://incubator.eya.global and take yourselves to the next level.

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