EyA's New Chairman, Jon Mann


EyA are delighted to announce the official appointment of Jon Mann as our Executive Chairman.

Jon has been a extremely important part of the EyA family for the last six months, but it was time for him to take the reigns through the chairmanship of Every Asset Limited, the creator of EyA.

A few words from our new chairman -

Not a day goes by without the word data coming into our daily routines, either in our personal or professional life or both. In addition, we are constantly becoming more aware of ever-increasing scenarios of why data is now such a hot and relevant topic. Some of these everyday challenges in the data sphere include privacy, security, reliability, accuracy, the incompatibility of disparate IT systems not able to communicate with each other, the associated huge costs on entities (e.g. companies and government bodies) seeking an enviable one stop-shop portal containing all their data needs where in addition, such data is only shared with permissioned users, and finally how from a global standpoint we can all make the world a better place from sharing and using such data within a trust less but permissioned, secure, fast and affordable ecosystem.

EyA have been working on these challenges for some time centred around the successful R3 Corda distributed ledger. As a result of EyA’s ground-breaking and unique templating, EyA believes to have now established the world’s first and probably most powerful enhanced distributed ledger, with the ability to address all the above-mentioned challenges resulting in seamless data unification across boundaries in the physical and digital worlds. EyA aspires to be ‘best in class’ in this space.


Jon has worked in the banking sector for 40 years. Starting in the fiduciary operations area at SG Warburg in 1981, Jon then moved to the fixed income trading and sales desk at Republic National Bank of New York (RNB) up until 1999.

At RNB Jon worked for 5 years in Tokyo, a year in Hong Kong and a year in Singapore. In 1999 Jon joined Rabobank, running their European Fixed Income Sales set up with a team of 20 people in London. In 2008 Jon transferred to Treasury at Rabobank and had senior execution roles in Dubai (5 years) and New York (3.5 years) in Long Term Funding.

Jon left Rabobank in 2021, his last role being a Senior Relationship Banker from 2016, looking after the Sovereign Wealth Fund and Multilateral Development Bank client base at Rabobank.

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