The industry agnostic internet operating system

Accelerating the worlds software and hardware solutions with the first ever centralised / decentralised Internet data operating system

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What is EyA

A centralised, decentralised pioneering enterprise grade internet-based operating system, capable of storing all and any data across entire lifecycles, resulting in the rapid inter-collaboration of everything, anywhere, anytime; all tied together with secure computing for trustless transacting.

We are not a crypto currency, ICO, token provider, trading platform or NFT platform. We do not accept or transact any form of crypto currency, or NFT.

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An enabler of cross platform, cross boundary interoperability between organisations and bodies who mutually agree which data to share on a global, real-time basis. 

Rapid application development on top of a full stack of technologies with world leading R3 Corda Enterprise as the foundation layer.

World’s first templating solution within the EyA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to create a digital twin of anything from the tiniest of matter, through to the most complex infrastructure, metropolis or lifeform.

Ease of integration with any existing software platforms, whether small business financials, supply chain management through to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Why EyA is Different?

We bucked the trend to deliver the world's first organically derived relational data solution, injected into Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).  Welcome to Relational DLT!

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Developed on top of R3’s Corda, EyA has leveraged the immense power saving of R3’s platform, with vast savings on power and ultimately damage to our environment.  All data centres are monitored continuously for power usage and EyA works with suppliers to ensure deployments are within renewable hosting centres.

How does EyA achieve this?

Industry Agnostic Platform

The enabler of boundaryless, multi-system, multi platform communication and collaboration between both partner industries and those who never considered the organic link between their industries.  With the EyA Templating Engine, the natural organic and standardisation of data between any industry occurs even without the knowledge of the creator.

No longer is there a requirement to develop complex connectors between applications; build on EyA or simply connect current (DLT or Blockchain) applications (via plug and play) and open businesses to a wealth of data interoperability.

What value do we want to bring?

Ultra new applications to cross industry boundaries, whilst deploying ultra low carbon footprint infrastructure

Transform your tech investments into generators of business insight and competitive advantage

Deploy and embrace the evolution of technology, whilst reducing technological debt immediately

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