How We're Organised

Corporate Model

Our group of companies has been designed to allow rapid scaling when required and also facilitate, joint ventures, mergers and / or acquisitions. Our holding company Universal Asset Sciences Limited (UAS) is registered in the UK and such scaling through various EyA arms can be facilitated with regionalised regional presidents and then local boards of directors.

Our business is grouped with a product offering arm, an innovation hub (EyA Evolve), and also an accelerator platform (EyA Incubator), providing key sets of skills and resources to start-ups globally. Read more on our Incubator

Governance Model

The overall governance model adopted throughout EyA is that of a hybrid between hierarchal and a flat model similar to Google, which provides for agile development, transparency through the whole company and localised teams able to generate growth themselves in a fair, transparent and accountable manner. Our software hub, EyA Evolve is completely flat structure and we are working on a model whereby team members have the opportunity to swap skills and time into any given project. This will promote teamwork (within different teams) and detract from potential inter-team direct competing possible conflict. This will create for an open cooperative working environment and ecosystem.

The governance model will look to balance the interests of the company’s many stakeholders such as shareholders, senior management, customers, suppliers and investors.

Fit and Proper Execution

A decision was made at conception of UAS to ensure openness and transparency within our companies, but also partners and the public. As such, we have been and are still developing a governance committee to closely monitor all aspects of our business, but especially within data privacy, ethical use of data and consideration of any potential risks to anybody using or interacting with any of our products. This also applies to any partner products and / or services whereby regular regulatory checks will take place on all products linked in anyway to the EyA platform.

Growth Strategy

As with all companies, we aim to grow to become a global leader in our field. However, every possible scenario has been modelled to mitigate risks and avoid the danger of failing to provide a service whilst returning excellent returns to our investors and shareholders.

With our infrastructure, we will be capable of automatically scaling to meet any given demand, but will also be able to sustain people growth with our calculated agile model. It is our intention to ensure local skills are utilised within any given region and to offer people with remote access the ability to work from home rather than relocating them. With this in mind, we aim to help localised communities rather than stripping them of key resources.

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