For Wider, Faster, More Omniscient Network

We empower

our partner organisations to connect seamlessly, expanding their network and enhancing their intelligence and insights, thanks to sustainable, secure and decentralised technology on our visionary platform/blockchain system.

Our innovative EyA platform enables your organisation to achieve interoperability across your own partner network’s multi-party systems

We provide the tools for you to securely track and trace every stage of your data, product or service journey (individual components, manufacturing process, transactions, logistics etc), using “digital twins” of your assets.

You can access the complete asset lifecycle across your supply network’s entire enterprise system.

Whether you have limited technology within your organisation, or have invested significantly but are unsatisfied with ease of data sharing in your value network, both internal and external, EyA platform will improve outcomes.

With your ERP and legacy systems either on-premise, on-cloud or hybrid, we can streamline your hosting, offering complete date security.

Why partner with EyA?

  • We are experts at seeking out the highest performing cutting-edge technologies, taking the weight off your (likely overstretched) tech team.

  • Our team has many years of experience working closely with international corporations, as well as start-ups Our technology tools enable connected working, and are rapidly scalable.

  • As a start-up, we are efficient and agile - there’s less red tape. We get things done fast, and we can pivot quickly to meet circumstances.

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