Partner Spotlight - Simply Digital Racing


The ultimate digital horseracing game

Simply Digital Racing [SDR] is to be the most advanced and immersive gaming platform for the horse racing industry.

The core concept of SDR is to provide players with a range of exhilarating yet profitable ways to enjoy a new horseracing game. Players can earn rewards by participating in multiple doings, such as collecting and trading utility NFT horses, racing NFT horses with play-to-earn opportunities whilst utilising jockeys, and owners’ silks and breeding horses too.

SDR is set to bring the digital and physical world of racing together as one.

Globally, gaming is a thriving billion-dollar industry with expectations to continue on its trajectory in the next decade and as an industry, has recently overtaken the music and film industry to now be making more money than both combined. To put some context to this growth scale, there are 7.9 billion people on the planet. 3.24 billion of them are gamers, one billion more than just five years ago.

In terms of sport, horse racing is one of the most widely attended globally and the second-most popular spectator sport in the UK, coming only behind football, where approximately six million people attend the races each year in UK alone.

Digital Twins of Real-Life Racehorses, Racecourses, Silks et al - Developed on EyA Technologies

Never before have NFTs been minted to be exact replicas of real-life horses. The look, the precise physiology, the racing stats, and even the medical records of the horses, have all been carefully reproduced. Using blockchain technology, SDR’s NFTs are fixed and time-stamped, making these digital twins truly original and irreplaceable.

Digital twinning marks an extraordinary leap in technology that elevates player experience to a level never seen before. This is the metaverse at its most phenomenal. SDR is a fully immersive game in which you can race on digital twins of real-life racecourses.

Step into the racing metaverse where every aspect of horse racing is there to master.

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